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July 2022
IHW time!

It's IHW time of year but again online. Matt R gave an invited talk in the epigenetic session and took the opportunity to provide a bonus latency talk. Win win for the herpes virus community who love latency of course! Calum also gave another excellent talk about tissue resident immunity - now just needs to get it published. Thanks to Anna Cliffe, Nat Moorman and Paul Lieberman for organising. It's in person next year so see you in Montana!

June 2022
4 years is up!

Matt R signed off his final year as external examiner for the immunology programme at Kings. It was actually a rewarding experience and hopefully Matt R didnt annoy the staff at Kings too much! 

Matt R talking at UCL Microbiology domain

Thanks to UCL Microbiology Domain for organising a fun evening. 10 speakers 5 minutes and 3 slides max (or none in Matt's case). Great to meet the diverse Micro community at UCL with fascinating conversations covering all aspects from architectural impact on the microbiome to the ethics of drug discovery. 

Microbiology | UCL Research Domains - UCL – University College London

May 2022
Matt M is leaving!

It's the end of a mini-era! Matt M is moving onto pastures new after 7 years of HCMV. He's a got post doctoral position with Niels Mailand and will move into big screen proteomics to study viral subversion of cellular functions. He will be missed in the lab (partly because he knows where everything is) but we wish him and his partner, Liane (another Reeves lab alumnus) all the best in Copenhagen.

April 2022
International CMV meeting, Cambridge (virtual)

Technically Matt R was there in person since he lives in Cambridge but this was virtual CMV. Some great overview talks and original science made for a excellent week. One day we will be back in person!

Microbiology Society Annual Conference, Belfast

A scientific meeting in person! Yes its the SGM (old money) and it was a really great time. Great talks from Matt, Becky & Calum and then also congrats to Paul Griffiths for his Colworth Prize lecture awarded for outstanding contributions to translational medicine. Keeps HCMV at the forefront of everyone's minds

What do you call a group of Masters Students?

Uh-oh. We have 4 students joining the lab this year. Welcome Aisha, Dionas, Mahrukh and Sara who will work on projects spanning molecular biology of latency through to the immune response against BK virus. Diversity is the spice of life!

March 2022
Matt R and Becky involved with School Visit to UCL

Colleagues at UCL organised a visit to UCL for school children to convince them that they can apply to UCL if they want to. This event was a chance for the students to meet an old man (Matt R) and vibrant young PhD student (Becky) along with other UCL colleagues to hopefully demystify UCL and university for people who traditionally may not apply. A blog of the event can be found here.

Matt R 'virtually' in Denmark

Thanks to Jannick Prenthoe (Copenhagen) for hosting me virtually for a talk on HCMV entry and vaccines. Always a pleasure to remind other virologists how important HCMV is!

February 2022
New paper

Congrats to Matt M and colleagues Hannah Rafferty & Paul Griffiths on the acceptance of their paper concerning the role of circadian rhythms and HCMV disease in transplant patients. You can read all about it in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

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