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March 2024
British Transplant Society Meeting

My first time at the meeting in Harrogate in order to support Steph and Fernando (from the Motallebzadeh lab) who were presenting for the Medawar prize. Both gave wonderful talks and did themselves proud. Particularly pleased with the reaction to Steph's work which is a heroic analysis of 224 samples from our generous transplant patients and, in doing so, identified important aspects of the immune response that can predict risk of BK virus induced disease in our kidney transplant patients.

Grant success! MRC Programme grant

Everybody loves more funding and we are indebted to the MRC who have agreed to support our research into HCMV latency and immunobiology. This is in collaboration with our colleagues in Cambridge, Mark Wills (Lead) and Emma Poole, and represents 5 years of programme support to understand the basic biology of latency and reactivation, a fundamental appreciation of the complexity of the HCMV immune response and how this could be harnessed to treat this important medical pathogen. Exciting times ahead.

February 2024
Two PhD vivas in Two Days!

Matt was up in Cambridge to viva Dan Greaves from the Paul Lehner lab. The viva went on a while longer than expected but mainly due to the interesting discussion! Well done, Dan!

And then it was back down to UCL for the a viva the next day and Becky! Many thanks to Doug Fink (UCL and ex-drummer of Noah and the Whale!) and Andrew Macdonald (Leeds and never banged a drum in his life!). Becky passed with corrections so well done to Becky also!

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