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April 2023
Microbiology society Annual Meeting 

Ines, Ana and Steph all gave great talks at the meeting and extra congratulations to Ana who was also nominated for the Young Microbiologist of the Year - to be decided at the Showcase scheduled for October. Also our newest honorary lab member was in attendance and it seems Isla was the star of the show!

March 2023
Steph wins prize at British Transplant Society meeting

Congratulations to Steph who won a poster

prize for her work on correlating the identity of

humoral immunity with the incidence of BK

viremia  post renal transplant. Well done!

More Exciting Paper News!

Congratulations to Calum on the publication of our latest contribution concerning the role of tissue resident NK cells and the potential to control HCMV infection in donor organs destined for transplant. This was a fantastic collaboration with Victoria Male (Imperial) and can all immunology questions be directed to either Calum or Viki!

Control of human cytomegalovirus replication by liver resident natural killer cells | Nature Communications

Welcome Aisha!

We welcome Aisha to the laboratory this month - Aisha is supported by a PhD scholarship from the Qatari Embassy and will be working on the mechanisms controlling HCMV reactivation which will build on the work she carried out for her MSc project back in 2022.

Better get cracking!

February 2023
Exciting Paper News!

Finally Ariane's paper on the AD6 response we identified in our gB vaccine recipients has been accepted and published in Nature Communications! A lot of hard work has gone into this and it's great to see it out. This was a team effort with Ana, Claire & Ilona contributing to the story.

The cytomegalovirus gB/MF59 vaccine candidate induces antibodies against an antigenic domain controlling cell-to-cell spread | Nature Communications

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