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Current Team

Dr Matthew Reeves
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor of Molecular Virology

Matthew trained with Profs. John Sinclair and Patrick Sissons at the University of Cambridge before leaving for the States on a Presidential Fellowship to work with Prof. Teresa Compton at Novartis in Cambridge, MA. He returned to the UK and Cambridge with the support of a prestigious MRC Career Development Fellowship and subsequently transferred that to UCL in 2013 where he established his laboratory in the CMV research group based in Institute of Immunity & Transplantation. Although his consistent focus has been the molecular basis of HCMV latency and reactivation he remains interested how the virus manipulates the host cell in all phases of infection and why our immune system controls but does not sterilise HCMV infections.

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Dr Stephanie Chong
Clinical PhD student

Stephanie is a Specialist Registrar in Nephrology who is interested in viral factors that promote Kidney disease and graft rejection in transplant patients.

Stephanie was also a Clinical Lecturer during which time she generated the pilot data for her successful PhD Studentship application. Stephanie will be supported by the Royal Free Charity to investigate the role of BK polyoma virus in kidney disease. This is an exciting collaboration between ourselves and the Division of Renal Medicine and seeks to shed new light on an increasingly important medical problem.

Rebecca Mason
Royal Free Charity PhD student

Becky is a full on UCL graduate after studying for a Biochemstry BSc and then an MSc in Infection & Immunity. Becky originally was an MSc project student in the lab studying the mechanisms of viral gene regulation during lytic infection.

Becky has been awarded a Royal Free Charity bursary to study for a PhD investigating the molecular control of viral gene expression during latency and reactivation. 

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Ines Hofer
BBSRC LiDO PhD student

Ines joins the lab in a collaborative project with Radu Zabet at QMUL. Ines hails from Austria and joins the lab with a background in forensic science.


She will be working on a project that combines bioinformatics, systems biology approaches to the study of chromatin conformation and virology to understand the fundamental principles governing haematopoietic cell fate and how a virus may help understand this.

Anastasia Lankina
BBSRC LiDO PhD Student

Ana joins the lab as a joint PhD student with Judy Breuer and will combine in silico approaches with wet lab experimentation to understand the importance of gB domains for infection and immune control.

Ana hails from Russia and thus feels none of us really know what cold is! We have yet to establish whether Ana likes vodka or not. This seems an oversight on our part... 

Ellie Bradley
Research Technician

Ellie joined us for 6 months initially to support our ongoing work trying to understand the host immune responses important for the control of HCMV reactivation in solid organ transplant recipients. Ellie has since be allowed to stay longer as she is an integral part of the Pub Quiz winning team!

Ellie previously was a student on our MSc course and joined us after graduating from that and makes the move from bacteria to virology to finish off all the papers that are hanging around the lab!

Aisha Fakhroo
PhD student - Qatar Embassy Scholarship

Aisha re-joins the lab after her MSc project to continue her work on HCMV reactivation and, specifically, to investigate the molecular mechanisms that control reactivation in dendritic cells.

Aisha is sponsored by a Qatar Embassy Scholarship and it appears will be bringing dates (the food not escorts!) to the lab on a regular basis.

New Students 2023
      MSc Infection & Immunity

      Yanjing Zhang
      Mara-Jade Radisic

New Students 2022
iBSc/BSc Infection & Immunity

Giselle Best

Life Sciences

Prabalini Sivagnanamoorthy
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