March 2021
New papers!

Congratulations to Matt on the acceptance and publication of his manuscript detailing the use of an ELISA based assay as a surrogate measure of the neutralising antibody response to SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein. Matt has driven this project forward along with UCL colleagues Claire, Meg and Tabi and collabroators at HSL (Mike and Wendy) and Sussex (Ed Wright). Well done to everyone involved and also for the support of this work through the philanthropic support of the UCL Coronavirus fund.

Also congratulations to our collaborators in Cambridge (Mark Wills and John Sinclair) who have just had their study concerning viral recruitment of T cells that promotes reactivation. the work has been accepted in Frontiers of Immunology.

February 2021
Welcome Oliver

We welcome Oliver Thomas to the lab who is joining us for a PhD rotation project to identify candidate molecules important for the establishment of latency utilsiing a miRNAome analysis we have performed. Oliver is on the MRC Birkbeck PhD programme.

January 2021
New Paper!

Congrats to our collaborator, Gary McLean at London Met who has had his study of IgA responses to gB of HCMV accepted in Immunology. A really nice piece of work that involved Meg, Josh and Ariane from our lab and demonstrated IgA antibodies against HCMV gB are potent neutralising antibodies and, intriguingly, are present at very high levels in breast milk. Implications for passive immunisation from mother to child. Well done Saima (lead author) and all.

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