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Ellie Bradley, Research Technician 2021-2023

After 2 productive years as a research technician, Ellie has secured a PhD scholarship at Imperial College to work with Viki Male on immune functions during pregnancy starting in 2024. This means Ellie has not completely gone as we will be working with Ellie and Viki on some of the CMV aspects of the project. Excellent technicians are like gold dust in the lab and so sad to see Ellie leave but pleased for her at the same time!  

Rebecca Mason, PhD student 2020-2024

Despite starting a PhD right at the start of lockdown, Becky produced two papers and a thesis which she successfully defended February 2024. Becky has now moved on and joined a graduate scheme at Lloyds Bank. We will miss Becky's unique view of the world (had never eaten, or heard of, a curly wurly!) but I hope she keeps in touch.

Claire Atkinson, Post Doctoral Researcher 2017-2023 

After many years at the Royal Free, Claire joined the lab to help set up a study of HCMV pathogenesis in vivo which utilised our wonderful transplant patient population who contribute to our research efforts with donation of valuable samples. Claire has recently moved onto a lectureship position at the London South Bank University but will continue to work with us on all things CMV as a collaborator.

Calum Forrest, Post Doctoral Researcher 2018-2022 

Calum joined the lab as Post Doctoral and fast became the go to man for all things immunology with his main area of research being published in Nature Communications. He was first a senior scientist at Epitopea - an exciting new start-up based on the Addenbrooke's site at Cambridge Biomedical Campus - and most recently has moved to Astra Zeneca as a senior immunologist in the asthma group.

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Meg McIntosh, Research Technician  2017-2022 

Meg joined the lab in 2017 and was responsible for helping to set up the Wellcome Trust funded sample collection alongside supporting others' research whilst trying to do her own! Meg, after a maternity leave and move to Brighton, has joined Jimena Berni's lab at the U. Sussex to continue her research career. Meg's organisation of the lab is, and will continue to be, sorely missed!

Matthew Murray, PhD then Post Doctoral Researcher 2015-2022 

Matt joined the lab as a PhD rotation student then stayed for his PhD and a subsequent Post Doc and finished with a slew of papers. He is currently residing in Denmark where he works on all things proteomics in the laboratory of Niels Maitland supported by a Lundbeck foundation Fellowship.

Ilona Baraniak PhD & Post Doctoral Associate 2013-2018

Ilona joined as a lowly PhD student and subsequently stayed on as a Post Doc.

After PNAS, 2x JID paper and EbioMedicine papers Ilona decided the bench life was not for her and, instead, has moved to Munich to begin life as a Biosciences Consultant and a doting wife! ilona is currently a Senior consultant.

Ariane Cruz Gomes Post Doctoral Researcher 2018-2020

Ariane leaves us after a productive time investigating the mechanism of protection of HCMV vaccine.

She is the co-founder of a start-up company, baseimmune, that looks to use bioinformatic approaches to identify novel strategies for vaccine development.

Henry Barrow Student & Research Technician 2016-2018

Henry leaves us after joining us an undergraduate summer student, project student and then researcher technician.

Henry is another one from the lab who is on the Cambridge Wellcome Trust PhD programme and is now a fully paid up member of Dr. Stephen Graham's lab at Cambridge.

Nick Peters Post Doctoral Associate 2015-2017

Nick joined us as when he was an F2 academic for 3 years. Nick trained in Geoff Smith's lab at Imperial (now at Cambridge) identifying  DNA-PK as a DNA sensor of the Vaccinia Virus genome and, importantly, identified the viral protein that countered it.

Nick has moved with his new family to Edinburgh where he will complete his medical training and maybe return to the bench one day.

Sneha Anand Post Doctoral Research Associate 2017

Sneha joined us to work on HCMV and cyclosporins for a short time before moving to a new position with Prof. Terry Rabbits at Oxford.

Liane Dupont Research Technician 2014-2015

Liane stayed on after her undergraduate project to continue her studies of CMV biology.

She then moved to Cambridge on a Wellcome Trust PhD studentship to study host defence mechanisms against viral infection in Prof. Paul Lehner's laboratory. Liane then moved to be a Post Doctoral researcher with Prof. Mike Malim at Kings, London and is now in Copenhagen where she is using her skills to work with the Lundbeck Foundation to identify and support exciting new research projects.

Gokhan Tut Research Technician 2013-2014

Gokhan joined us from Imperial instantly tuning the lab radio to Magic FM. We finally worked out how to change it when Gokhan left to start his PhD at Warwick University and is currently a Post Doctoral researcher in Prof. Paul Moss's lab in Birmingham.

Amy Jacob Wellcome Summer Student 2014

Amy worked for 8 weeks with us after winning a Wellcome Trust Summer studentship which supports students between the second and third years of their undergraduate studies to carry out original research in a host lab. Amy went back to get her degree and an MSc and is now studying for a PhD with NIBSC/Imperial in the HSV laboratory of Mike Nicol.


Al Hargreaves (2023 Rotation)

Sam Deveraux (2023 Rotation)

Ruairi McErlean (2022 Rotation)

Oliver Thomas (2021 Rotation)

Rebecca Mason (2020-2024)

Jessica Allen-Hytinnen (2018 Rotation)

Scott Layzell (2018 Rotation)

Matthew Murray (2015-2019)

Ilona Baraniak (2013-2017)



Prabalini Sivagnanamoorthy, Nicole Lui (MRes) & Su Kaimori (MRes), Lucas Domingues (Erasmus Student)


Mara-Jade Radisic, Yanjing Zhang


Mahrukh Ali, Aisha Fakhroo, Sara Foukroun, Dionas Maroulis


Callum Angus, Rahinat Muhammad


Rebecca Matthews, Kavita Patel


Rebecca Mason


Madeleine Poulter; Toby Langstone


Femke Grute (Erasmus student), Manivel Lodha, Kevin Kiesworo


Henry Barrow, Michaela Antoni, Paula Olaizola Rebe, Olivia Gravito


Janusha Panchalingham


Tolu Ayeni



Chenrui (Cheril) Wang


Giselle Best


Oenone Bodman-Harris, Dagny Reese


James Dawa, Yivon Ng


Delia Cretu, Louisa Harding-Perrott, Cherilyn Lee, Zach Moulder


Karen Serrano Arevalo, Teresa Mergia, Nathaly Bonilla Medrano


Lily Du, Stephanie Choi, Declan Brogan


Bethany Schneiderman, Chinedu Onyerindu, Charles Katz-Summercorn


Maria Shamin, Jamal Seddougui


Daisy Newberry


Liane Dupont, Jessica Hill

Visiting Scientists/Summer Interns


Lucas Domingues, Yashgin Hassanzadeh


Ivet Mandzhukova


Kamnoor Begum


Yumna Begum (Nuffield Foundation)


Cherilyn Lee, Saima Siddiqui, Ernest Abaya (Nuffield Foundation)


Isabella Sodi, Joshua Ho, Emily Ambrose


Henry Blest, Lauren Woodburn


Nathan Moore


Ryan Koh

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